One of the beautiful aspects about a woman is her hair. Every woman in the world spends a great deal of time and money after her hair to make it look good and beautiful. Women want dark thick hair but they are highly confronted with the thinning of hair constantly. There are some ways to dodge the thinning and losing of hair which will be discussed in the later paragraphs.

1. Birth control pills contain certain enzymes which prevents the production of ovarian androgen. These enzymes also help in obstructing the hair follicles from growing hair. So it is advised that women should not take birth control pills irregularly. But if it is needed then they should only take pills that are low on androgen. Too much of taking androgen can corrupt your health to a large extent. In order to maintain a good and healthy hair, one should quit smoking after the age of 35. This also keeps one healthy.

2. Men sometimes cut their hair to full and go bald when they see that they are either growing thin hair or baldness appearing. So if women make this choice. Baldness among the women is not inadmissible anymore in the society. They should protect the scalps from elements. When new hair grows, there will be an itching sensation, which should not be scratched since in it would be improper for the new growing hair. Instead one could get the scalp scabs along with the hair loss.

3. Many women lose their hair during menopause or during pregnancy period or after delivery. To deal with hair loss during this time, Hormone Replacement Therapy is done to restore balance in the system. Before such treatment is done one should consult with the concerned person that no side effects take place either on the person herself or on the baby which she is carrying during the pregnancy period.There are many solutions to the problem of hair loss which include medication, herbal medicines, hair implants, massaging, etc. But the main thing is that, one should only go for one way solution which would fit her best and which would not harm her on other aspects of health and are foolproof on side effects.


Biotin for hair loss