We all have quickly discovered how time-intensive an internet business is, but that really is no different from any other type of offline business. Sometimes your ability to take fast action on a large scale will determine how successful you are, so that needs to be kept in mind.

Any person who has built a real business needs to know what to do, where to go, what to work toward and the like; if you are missing those components then that could be the problem. Make a simple plan; if you are starting out in IM – then you need to find a product or service, then a site and all the things that are a part of that… that is your plan. Any time you have questions about what to do, then go to Google and find the answers. Your plan can totally change everything for you once you begin adding to it and getting things done. These types of issues are usually seen in beginners, although there are some with greater issues such as strong fears that impede action.

Obviously we realize that what can work great for us may not work very well for you at all. So there are a few things you have to remember as you work through this, and it is a process that only you can do. But in the end, this is about just getting things done, and you can condition your self to taking action by daily efforts to just sit down and do one thing. Is it possible that you are expecting too much from your self? You never know, and we do not know either so ask your self that question. Take a ten minute break every hour and a half, or so, and you will be surprised to see how that keeps your mind fresh.