Medical science has come a long way as far as cancer treatment is concerned and though there is limited success with certain kind of cancer, as far as Prostate cancer is concerned, there has been tremendous improvement. You have multiple treatment options for Prostate cancer treatments now. Here are 5 major Prostate Cancer Treatments –


Surgery is advisable in the early stage of prostate Cancer. It is effective because the Cancer is localized at this time.
1.Prostatectomy- The prostate gland is removed in this method. When the entire prostate gland is removed, then there will be no cancer cells in the body.
The prostate is also removed in two other methods of surgery namely Radical retropubic prostatectomy and radical perineal prostatectomy. Laparoscopic Robotic is another surgical method for treatment of prostate cancer.
Both these two methods have side effect and that may create problem with your body and with you life.

2.Radiation therapy
High energy x-rays are used in his system. These rays kill the cancerous growth and cells. Two types of radiation therapies are there.
1. In one type of radiation therapy, the radiation comes from outside of the body to the prostate. A machine produce the radiation and send it to the prostate. The cancer cells as well as normal cell also die. The treatment takes 5-7 weeks with 5days a week treatment. The treatment takes only a few minutes.
2. In some other cases surgeons place the radioactive material inside the prostate. So cells are targeted from inside the body. The radioactive elements destroy the cancer cells. The normal cells near to the area may also die. There will be some side effects.

3. (A) Partial Hormonal Therapy
Partial hormonal therapy is a new therapy which is used to control the hormones in the body. Using drugs hormone flow is reduced. Testosterone is reduced by using drugs.
Estrogen – Estrogen is used for treatment of cancer. It reduces testosterone which helps in tumor formation. But it has some side effects.
Orchidetcomy- The testicles are removed surgically. When testicles are absent, male hormone testosterone is not produced. This helps to reduce the tumor.
Medical Castration: Testosterone is blocked by using medicines. It cuts the supply of testosterone to the tumors.

(B) Complete Hormonal Therapy
In complete hormonal therapy for prostate cancer treatment, all the male hormone producing glands are closed or blocked so as to reduce or block the testosterone production. Medicines are used in this case.

4.Chemotherapy– Chemicals or drugs are used to treat prostate cancer. These chemicals and drugs have very strong effect on the cancer cell and also on the normal cells. IT has very bad side effects.

5.Alternative therapy – In this therapy different types of alternative ways are used to treat prostate cancer. The alternative therapies may be natural herbal therapy, metabolism therapy, immunological therapy, naturopathy etc. They do not have side effects and they are safe.

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Hope this helps …:)