Blue Waffles Disease Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ultimate Guide For Blue Waffles Disease- a Scary Reality or a Nonsense What is blue waffles disease? Possibly you do not envision what it is the point at which you first hear this name. Obviously, it is not a medicinal term to demonstrate a sort of infection. “Waffle” is a slang utilized for the vagina. […]

Causes of Gastric Outlet Obstruction

Pyloric stenosis or gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) refers to any condition that mechanically impairs the normal emptying of the stomach into the small intestine. It is caused by the muscles of the pyloric sphincter becoming enlarged and blocking the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine. In children, the condition is commonly caused by […]

Crush Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments

Crush Syndrome is the unseen enemy that can develop in the body of a trauma survivor, hours to days, after being freed from a collapsed building or pulled from a piece of wreckage. It is due to complications from crushing injuries that can result in restricted oxygen flow, buildup of toxins due to muscle deterioration […]

Schambergs Disease causes Symptoms and Treatments

Schamberg’s disease, which was first described in 1901, is a relatively rare human skin disease. Another name for it is progressive pigmented purpuric dermatitis, which is something of a mouthful. Found more in males than in females it is caused by leaky blood vessels and leads to discoloration of the skin and is especially commonly […]

American Indian Medicine

Native American Indians believe that each person chooses to make himself well or unwell. If an individual stays in harmony, the spirit will be strong and negativity will be unable to affect it. If one chooses to let anger, jealousy, or self-pity take control, disharmony is created. Once harmony is broken, the spiritual self is […]

Crones Disease: Symptoms, Diagnose and Others

Crones disease refers to Crohn’s disease which is an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (commonly known as IBD) that affects approximately 500,000 people in the U. S. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 35, although it is becoming more common in young people under the age of 18. Men and women are equally affected […]

RDW High: What does it Mean in Blood Test

What is RDW in Blood Test and What’s Normal Range? Red blood cell distribution width (RDW or RDW-CV) is the measurement derived from red blood cell distribution width analyzed by hematology machines as a part of complete blood count, a laboratory test to identify some blood related disorders such as anemia. Red blood cell’s normal […]

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away On Their Own And How Long Will They Last?

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles are painful, swollen blood vessels in the lower part of the colon within the rectum and normally surrounding the anus. This section of the colon is filled with veins and blood vessels to help facilitate the evacuation of waste from the body. When pressure increases the blood vessels dilate and […]

11 Remedies for Indigestion

Indigestion is a fairly common condition, wherein one’s stomach does not properly secrete digestive juices to digest food items properly. This causes discomfort that varies from case to case. Typically, it may be caused by the hasty consumption of too much food or too many different kinds of food in one sitting. When this happens […]

5 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin may be something you have lived with for your entire life without really bothering to do anything about it. But if you are like most women, you will likely wish your skin was not quite so dry, and will likely be on the lookout for skin care products that would ease the condition. […]